Hi! I’m Logan and I would like to welcome you to the Baseball: Past and Present About Page. A little about myself:

I spent all my childhood in the town of Hartwick, NY. A small town, usually only recognized for being 15 minutes from Cooperstown, NY, and the Baseball Hall of Fame. I played baseball until the end of high school and greatly enjoyed it. For all the fun I had playing baseball, I had just as much fun combing through statistics and learning about the vast history of the game. Now, four years later, I bring you this website.

Baseball: Past and Present is a collection of stories about my favorite sport. These stories include some of the greatest players of baseball’s past, odd occurrences no one could have expected, quirks of the modern game, baseball’s role in shaping history, and much more. My goal is to show modern stories that may be overlooked in major media outlets and provide interesting stories of baseball’s past through a modern lens. I truly hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoy researching them!

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